Weiss Lake Conditions and Weather Forecast - Feb. 14, 2018

We have had a lot of rain over the past week, and most of Weiss Lake and it's creeks, bays, and rivers are muddy or heavily stained.  Some rain is still forecast for the next 5 days, but nothing heavy; just a 20%  to 50% chance each day.  Maybe 1" of rain over the next 5 days total.

Water level reached full pool due to rain and runoff, and may rise a little more.  You can still find some fishable waters in Yellow Creek and Bay Springs.  Water temps in the high 40s to low 50s.

Long line trolling with Southern Pro Hot grubs in dark or bright colors;  try  popsicle, black & chart.,
red & chart., blue- black & chart. & bubblegum & chart.    Also, Jiffy Jigs in similar colors. 
Tight lining minnows will also work.  Stained water is OK, but not muddy.   8 to 12 ft. deep, so use 1/24  or  1/16 jig heads.   Boat speed  -  .7 to .9 mph

Air temps are forecast to be in the 60s and 70s during the day, and 40…
Rain this Saturday and Sunday is forecast.  Our crappie tournament was postponed due to forecast.

I like to fish; it should only rain on the days I don't plan to fish.  Sounds fair to me ....  Since I  am not fishing this weekend,  and I have not been since November of last year; I am getting very irritable.

Fishing is my nerve pill that relaxes me, and makes all my problems fade away for a little while.
Being on the lake and seeing, hearing, and smelling all the beauty that God created just makes me feel better.  I have learned to truly appreciate the little things in life that we all sometimes take for granted.

I am getting near 70 years of age, and everyday is a blessing to be enjoyed and appreciated.  Many of my friends have passed on; and that makes me appreciate every day even more.  Therefore; I fish, and every time time I do I enjoy my time on the water even more.  Sometimes I catch fish, sometimes I only catch a few, and sometimes I catch none; but I still enjoy my time …
February 1, 2018                        Weiss Lake Crappie Report

Water temp. - 40 to 45 degrees         Water color- lightly stained    

Weather for the next week is predicted to be pretty good - mid 30s at night - 50s during the day,
rain on Sunday, and sunny on Friday and Saturday this week.

The crappie are moving and suspended in the river and creek channels.  Look for the flocks of birds and boats.  When you see a lot of either, the crappie are there; but not for long.

The crappie are following the bait fish and searching for warmer water.  Long line trolling, cork and jig, and pushing minnows are all working fairly well..  Find the fish and you can catch them.

Little RiverLittle Spring Creek, the Bubble Hole near Cobia Bridge, and Cowan Creek are all
holding some fish, as is the main Coosa River channel.  Use your electronics to find large schools of fish; they are moving around, and you will have to move with them to catch a good limit.

Weiss Lake Lodge is located only 2 mil…
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My fishing partner and I fished in a 1/2 day Coosa River Crappie Club tournament, on Neely Henry Lake in Gadsden, Al., this past Friday ( June 16 ).  We weighed in at the Hwy 77 - Rainbow Landing Park.  The weather was great, until the clouds gave way to the sun at about 9:30 am.  We started fishing at 6 am and we had our 7 fish limit by 7:30 am. We caught over 50 keeper crappie for the day by 11 am. Most were released to be caught again another day.  Everyone in the tournament caught fish.

The water temp was 82 degrees, and we caught our fish in 14' to 20' of water on minnows, spider rigging.  We also caught 9 or ten bass, a few stripe, and a catfish.  The skies were cloudy when we started and the air temp. was nice; but when the skies cleared the sun made it hot fast.  We loaded the boat and headed to the weigh-in at 11 am.

The winners were Gary and Barbara Kendrick - with a 7 fish limit that weighed over 9 lbs.
Second place went to Phil Trapp and Joe Hayes - with a limit th…

Weiss Lake - 6-12-2017

My fishing partner, ( Mike ), and I went out this morning for a few hours.  We started at 7 am and quit at 11:30 am due to the heat and the fish had stopped biting.  We put in at the new - Graves Three Rivers Landing on Weiss Lake.  The weather was good - cloudy - no wind - and the water temp was 76 degrees.  We fished Yellow Creek and the main Coosa river channel between Leesburg Hwy. 411 bridge and Yellow Creek.  The crappie bite was good until 9 am.  We caught crappie, catfish, and stripe on minnows, on the river ledge, 12 to 19 ft. deep.  I am attaching a few pictures.

The Coosa River Crappie Club is having a 1/2 day crappie tournament on Neely Henry Lake - Thursday 6-8-17, from 6 am until 12 noon.  $ 50 entry fee per team, includes big fish pot.  You can register morning of tournament 5 to 5:30 am at Rainbow Landing at Hwy. 77 bridge - Southside/ Gadsden.  Gary Kendrick is tournament director - phone # 205-405-0542.  Open to everyone - and you don't have to be a member of clu…

Weiss Lake Crappie Report - 5-26-17

Where did the Crappie Go ?  This is the question being asked by many.

The crappie are still there, but you have to find them to catch them.
Early mornings and late afternoons are good times to fish for crappie
at this time of year, and nighttime is even better.  The crappie have moved out
of the shallows and are staying close to the major creek and main river ledges.
The mouths of creeks are good when fishing 12 to 18 ft. deep with double
minnow rigs with a 3/4 or 1 oz. weight.  I prefer the Eagle Claw light wire
# 2 hooks.  If there is an old road bed and bridge underwater, try the road drop
off where the bridge was connected before it was tore down.

The Coosa River will hold crappie on it's ledges where stumps and brush piles
are located in 14 to 20 ft. of water through June and move even deeper in July,
August, and September.  Spider-rigging is the best day time tactic during summer, as it is on
most large reservoirs  with river current.  The main river and creek channels fl…