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February 1, 2018                        Weiss Lake Crappie Report

Water temp. - 40 to 45 degrees         Water color- lightly stained    

Weather for the next week is predicted to be pretty good - mid 30s at night - 50s during the day,
rain on Sunday, and sunny on Friday and Saturday this week.

The crappie are moving and suspended in the river and creek channels.  Look for the flocks of birds and boats.  When you see a lot of either, the crappie are there; but not for long.

The crappie are following the bait fish and searching for warmer water.  Long line trolling, cork and jig, and pushing minnows are all working fairly well..  Find the fish and you can catch them.

Little RiverLittle Spring Creek, the Bubble Hole near Cobia Bridge, and Cowan Creek are all
holding some fish, as is the main Coosa River channel.  Use your electronics to find large schools of fish; they are moving around, and you will have to move with them to catch a good limit.

Weiss Lake Lodge is located only 2 mil…