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Why Term Limits are necessary for Congress

In the beginning of our nation, serving in Congress, ( Senate or House of Representatives), was  just that, public service to our country;  and unpaid or low paid at that.  Citizens would serve a few years  and then go back to home and to private work.

But when Congress gave themselves the right to set wages, retirement, benefits, and expense allowances; the words Public Service changed to My Lifelong Career Job.

Today a member of congress receives a base salary of $ 174,000 year, plus retirement benefits, life insurance benefits, health insurance benefits and BIG expense allowances for their offices.
Congressmen and women get an average expense allowance of  S 1,353,205.00,  and Senators get an average of $ 3,209,103.00.  This the average, some get more - a lot more.  They also get automatic cost of living adjustments annually; ( what we call a raise. )

Members of Congress are also wined and dined by friends, contributors, and lobbyist .

Why would they ever want to change anything th…