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Why Buy American

When we buy American made products, we create or save jobs for Americans. We, as Americans, must help keep America strong and healthy, before we can help others in need. If we fail to do this one thing, even though it may cost us more money when we shop; we will be putting our neighbors, friends, and family members in the unemployment line. We have now outsourced to other countries many of our manufacturing plants, and their jobs, for making steel , automobiles, computers, TV's, appliances, radios, textiles, furniture, sports equipment, toys, tools, outboard motors, bicycles, clothing, and so much more. We did so to cut cost, has it really helped ? Maybe a few business owners profited, but America is being destroyed by our own actions. Someday, if not already, we will be at the mercy of foreign countries and their imported goods and services just to survive. America must be mostly self sufficient, and the first step is to buy only American goods and services whenever pos…