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 Weiss Lake Conditions and Weather Forecast - Feb. 14, 2018

We have had a lot of rain over the past week, and most of Weiss Lake and it's creeks, bays, and rivers are muddy or heavily stained.  Some rain is still forecast for the next 5 days, but nothing heavy; just a 20%  to 50% chance each day.  Maybe 1" of rain over the next 5 days total.

Water level reached full pool due to rain and runoff, and may rise a little more.  You can still find some fishable waters in Yellow Creek and Bay Springs.  Water temps in the high 40s to low 50s.

Long line trolling with Southern Pro Hot grubs in dark or bright colors;  try  popsicle, black & chart.,
red & chart., blue- black & chart. & bubblegum & chart.    Also, Jiffy Jigs in similar colors. 
Tight lining minnows will also work.  Stained water is OK, but not muddy.   8 to 12 ft. deep, so use 1/24  or  1/16 jig heads.   Boat speed  -  .7 to .9 mph

Air temps are forecast to be in the 60s and 70s during the day, and 40…
Rain this Saturday and Sunday is forecast.  Our crappie tournament was postponed due to forecast.

I like to fish; it should only rain on the days I don't plan to fish.  Sounds fair to me ....  Since I  am not fishing this weekend,  and I have not been since November of last year; I am getting very irritable.

Fishing is my nerve pill that relaxes me, and makes all my problems fade away for a little while.
Being on the lake and seeing, hearing, and smelling all the beauty that God created just makes me feel better.  I have learned to truly appreciate the little things in life that we all sometimes take for granted.

I am getting near 70 years of age, and everyday is a blessing to be enjoyed and appreciated.  Many of my friends have passed on; and that makes me appreciate every day even more.  Therefore; I fish, and every time time I do I enjoy my time on the water even more.  Sometimes I catch fish, sometimes I only catch a few, and sometimes I catch none; but I still enjoy my time …