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Time to Talk Politics
I suggest we vote all politicians out of office after one term.  If they can not get the job done in two, four, or six years; why keep them there ? 

They collect pay checks, insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and enjoy lavish expense accounts;
all on the taxpayer's money.  They will lie, cheat, steal, accept gifts from lobbyist, and more; while promising us taxpayers they are looking out for us.  We know better, and if you don't you should.

Washington lawmakers have been promising lower taxes, better insurance, and safer streets for years.
Have we seen any of the promises come true ?  NO, we have not !

Drugs are killing our youth and destroying our culture, but elected officials can not stop the influx of illegal drugs into our country.  Why don't we send our military to Mexico and South America and eliminate the drug cartels for good ?  It shouldn't take our military but a week or two;  if we turned them loose.

Why can't we stop stree…