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Weiss Lake Crappie Report - 5-26-17

Where did the Crappie Go ?  This is the question being asked by many.

The crappie are still there, but you have to find them to catch them.
Early mornings and late afternoons are good times to fish for crappie
at this time of year, and nighttime is even better.  The crappie have moved out
of the shallows and are staying close to the major creek and main river ledges.
The mouths of creeks are good when fishing 12 to 18 ft. deep with double
minnow rigs with a 3/4 or 1 oz. weight.  I prefer the Eagle Claw light wire
# 2 hooks.  If there is an old road bed and bridge underwater, try the road drop
off where the bridge was connected before it was tore down.

The Coosa River will hold crappie on it's ledges where stumps and brush piles
are located in 14 to 20 ft. of water through June and move even deeper in July,
August, and September.  Spider-rigging is the best day time tactic during summer, as it is on
most large reservoirs  with river current.  The main river and creek channels fl…